Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dollar Store Halloween Decor DIY

The dollar store is the best place to find cheap decorations for about any holiday. This year they have some great stuff and with a few easy steps you can personalize the generic items.

Painted Pumpkins

This is what they look like at the store. A little bright and boring.

This one is painted in cream acrylic paint with black acrylic paint details. I added some ribbon around the stem and cut out leaves from scrapbooking paper. I attached the leaves and ribbon with hot glue.

Chalkboard painted pumpkin. I used spray can primer and then two layers of chalk paint. I let it dry for 24 hours. Primed it with chalk and then did my words on the sides. I added similar scrapbook paper leaves and ribbons around the stem. I love this one, and it only cost $1 since i had everything else already at home.

I bought this already decorated and just added the ribbons but you could do a similar idea with a dollar store pumpkin. It has scrapbook paper and book pages modge podged on and the stem is painted with black glitter.

Candy Jars

These are finger lollipops from the dollar store. I added some decorative grass, some fake bugs from the dollar store and printed off a label. Super easy and cute for my jar. I reuse most of my candy since it doesn't go bad and my family won't eat old candy. ha ha.

Vampire teeth that i cut in half. If your looking for jars TJ Maxx has some great ones right now.

Green apple taffys. Or you could use a canning jar, just as cute.

Gumballs, can you see the centipede on the bottom? Creepy.


Granted lots of cheesy figures at the dollar store but some can be great. This tombstone i found last year at the dollar store and i think i saw some more this year. I didn't even do anything and it add an extra element to decor.

This years find is this silver skull with glittered crow. I love crows and this was an awesome find. I also didn't do anything to it. But if you find something you like but the color is bad you can always paint it. One of my favorite ideas for halloween is using the christmas village from the dollar store and painting it black for a halloween village. One day when i have somewhere to put it i will make one myself.

Here are the rest of my decorations. I dont have a mantel so i just use my desk. Mostly i make things using stuff from Michael's, thrift stores, scrapbooking paper and things i already have. I also love to use books as part of my display but sometimes the binding doesn't work with my colors so i just turn them around to see the pages instead.

Orange pillow cases are from Groopdealz and the owl is from Homegoods.

I love cactus's and this one is so cute in a pumpkin planter. My husband bought it for me at Fresh Market.
The witch silhouette is from Rhonna Designs app. I just enlarged it, printed it and cut it out then pasted it on scrapbook paper. The saying is also from her app.

The hat is paper mache found at Michaels last year, i painted it and put it on a candlestick. Shoes are from a thrift store. I actually wear them for witches night out every year but for my decorations i put scrapbook paper inside to make them cuter. 

A little display make from a small box. I decorated it with paper and objects i had, a painted mini christmas tree, a plastic skeleton and scrapbook paper.

I hope you found some ideas that inspire. What dollar store decorations are you doing this year?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

15 Rustic Autumn Ideas

Fall just makes me happy. The cool, crisp air and the smell of pumpkins. I also love decorating for Fall. These are some ideas that I love and am going to try to incorporate into my decor this year.

A new take on the popular arrows.
Reclaimed wood arrow

This might be my favorite new idea, my husband the handy man is going to make me one!
Wooden sign: teepee with felt flowers I'll keep you safe You keep me wild

So simple but adorable for the Thanksgiving table.
Super simple centerpiece idea. Carve out the center of mini gourds and drop in tealights.

Beautiful print, classic and simple.
live brave, yellow bungalow shop

I think this is a great idea, and so cute for the porch.
pumpkin decorating ideas

Hot Glue felt balls with acorn caps. So fun!

This is a practically free idea, and brings nature right into your home.
GRATEFUL leaf garland

I love the turkey feathers and silver log, so cheap but perfect for fall.

I think this is so classy and simple.


Beautiful, another one on the list to do. Great tutorial below.
Fall Coffee Filter Wreath 012a

Another simple and easy idea.
fun way to enjoy the beauty of nature - Feather Party Garland | by Wonderful Collective

I already have chalk paint!


We need to remember to be more thankful.
The Thankful Tree

These could easily be done with felt and applied to a pillow.
Thanksgiving TURKEY silhouette AND GOBBLE gobble burlap pillow covers -- perfect Fall Decor

What projects are you doing this Fall?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

15 Modest DIY Costumes

Finding a costume idea is difficult but trying to find a modest one can almost be impossible. Here are 15 DIY creative modest costumes ideas.


Sassy Lucy Adult Costume - Family Friendly Costumes California Costumes Women's Poodle Skirt Costume: Clothing

Effie Trinket

Creepy DIY Halloween Party Make-Up

This is adorable! Cara Loren's family.



Deer Makeup | 21 Easy Hair And Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Carmen Sandiego

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas