About Me

Thank you for stopping by today! It is so nice to have you here and be able to introduce myself to you.

Some simple get to know me's:

-I'm Tessa

-I am married to Colby. He is a charming, I tell ya. This man is supportive, loving and makes a great egg in the middle. Just what I need, and I am so thankful to share my life with him.

-I am a world traveler. I love to visit new places and learn new things. I lived in Chile for 18 months as i served a full time LDS mission. Learn more here: www.mormon.org

-I am a senior at UVU studying Family Life Education

-I have loved fashion and make-up since I was little and playing dress-ups

-I am obsessed with Downton Abbey, Thai food and decorating on a budget!

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