Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vintage Wedding Reception Ideas

Here are some ideas i used at my wedding reception. I might use a brief description on how or what i did. I had a small budget but wanted something beautiful. I am the queen of crafting so i just did it all myself. Thanks to macquelastudio for the wonderful photography.

Vintage teacup from my great grandmother. Meaningful, simple and super cute. Cakes were amazing! They tasted great, the price was right and adorable right? If your in the Salt Lake area just comment and i will send you the name of my baker. She is a lady in my stake and i don't want to give out her private info to everyone.

I had three different layouts for my table. 

On EVERY table: I used different picture frames (most borrowed) and added our engagement photos and bridal photos. I found some cheap milk vases at Tai Pan Trading did a wrap in burlap, lace and ribbon. The flower is made out of a paper doily from Dollar Tree and a cute patterned muffin cup i found at Michael's and a brad that looks like a letter off a typewriter (pretty sure i got those a Joann's forever ago) I also placed my center pieces on lace found at a thrift store.

Layout 1: I used  empty painted frames with ribbon and a small porcelain bird
Layout 2: Books in my colors tied together with ribbon, a vintage key and a small porcelain bird.
Layout 3: Vases with book paper flowers, and small real flowers and a metal heart with engraving found at Tai Pan Trading.

None of the tables looked exactly the same so i thought it added a lot of interest and variety to the room. Here are some examples:

I used a lot of decorative tables to display how my husband and i met and how our relationship progressed. I used and old window frame, stapled chicken wire to the back and then hug photos. I also displayed letters that we wrote each other while we were both serving  LDS missions.

For the ceiling i hung the popular tissue balls which are super easy to make along with folded doilies on jute with tied ribbon. I love how it made a fun extra element to the room.

Ok my favorite part was the vintage wedding display. We had photos of our family members, some even of great great grandparents displayed on a vintage turquoise dresser, a side table and lastly on a tree branch that my grandma did for me. She just chopped down a big branch from her aspen tree and put it in an old metal milk container with sand and rocks. I decorated it with keys and paper birds made from old books. It was so fun and so original. Sorry the best photo i have of the tree has my mom and step dad in the picture.

Because I don't want this to be too long i wont put up all the decorations but here are two last photos of the card table, photo booth table and bucket list table. For the cards i just made a simple sign and attached it to the inside of a old suitcase. Simple but fun. The photo booth supplies were easy. I just printed off templates from the internet and cut them out in foam. For the signs i found the wood all cut out and everything at Michael's then painted them and on the face painted chalkboard paint which you can also find at Michael's. I highly recommend a photo booth  Our guests loved it and now we have fun photos of everyone who came to the reception. Lastly we had some slips of paper were guest could add things to our bucket list we should do as a couple. We got some great and funny suggestions.

Well i hope this gives you some ideas or inspiration to decorate your reception how you want. I am a true believer of making weddings your own. Its your day, have it be your style.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your inputs, Tessa. Your vintage wedding reception idea sounds great. And it can save you from spending too much money, especially if you already have the stuff that you need. The sad thing is, your resources might be limited if you have a huge number of guests.