Sunday, March 10, 2013

Decorate for Easter on a budget

I love to decorate for holidays but being a young couple we don't have the money to put into expensive pre made decorations. So being the crafty gal i am, i just make my own and i am going to show you how i do it.

So first I hit up the main places for cheap decorations. I look for something i can paint or change if needed. Usually this includes Dollar Tree, Michael's and Hobby Lobby (armed with my 40% off coupons for the last two) I also like to look for cute printables online that i can print out and place in a frame. 

For Easter this year i went first to Hobby Lobby and found some cute paper, a floral print and chevron (which is so popular right now) I then found some acrylic paint to match the colors along with a brown paint. Hobby Lobby was having a sale on Easter stuff and they had white plastic eggs 12 for less that $1. Perfect steal and such an easy filler for apothecary jars. I used my Hobby Lobby 40% off on some moss that smells bad but looks great in my jars. I collected a few things from the Dollar Tree including a large chocolate bunny, some foam balls, jute, paper doilies and crepe paper in cream. At the last minute i purchased a little nest with eggs from Michael's it was only $2.25 along with a stamp of eggs in a nest for $0.50. My total cost in purchases was around $15.00 totally affordable and i will use lots of it next year too!

The banner was super easy to make. I cut my chevron paper into rectangles, put a dot in the center near the bottom and trimmed the paper from each bottom corner to the dot. Essentially its just a triangle cut out of the bottom. Next i used a brown ink pad to color the edges a little darker. I printed off some letters onto card stock  cut them and also inked the edges. I picked something to put on each of the words. A stamp on one, a paper flower or ribbon. Be creative and use whatever you have at home. Fold over the top of each banner for the jute to be placed in and tape the fold down securing the jute. Lastly i attached a egg shaped doily to the back of each banner piece for some extra flair. I had it spell Easter but you could do whatever. Bunny, Spring, Eggs. 

I used my purchased paper to make some circles that i then decorated with some of the same things i used for the banner. Paper flowers, buttons, ribbon, small pearls. I scrunched up the crepe paper and hot glued it on the back of the paper. Lastly i use the hot glue to attach a wooden skewer to the back of the paper so i could put it in a small vase. The vases i found last summer for $1.00 at Michaels when i was decorating for my wedding. For Easter and an update i just poured some of the acrylic paint inside each one and shook it around. Since they are so small it doesn't take a lot of paint. 

So finally the Easter eggs. It took a little patience but i ended up just watching about 4 episodes of Toddlers in Tiaras and it went by fast. So i just took the plastic eggs apart and painted each side separately with two coats of paint. (I figured it would be easier to be able to set them flat to dry) Then i used brown paint and a wooden skewer to paint little brown dots and lines on the dried eggs. I thought at first that i was messing it up but they ended up looking awesome and kind of rustic. See super easy. For the jute balls i used a hot glue gun and wrapped my foam balls for the Dollar Tree in string jute. I like the contrast of the eggs with a little texture. I also used the rest of the moss (that i didnt put in jars) and glued it on the rest of the foam balls. It was kind of difficult but hey moss balls are like $6.00 a pop. 

This printable i found from  Dream Digital Downloads. Frames are always cheap at TJ Maxx or a thrift store and if you don't like the color paint it!

This is just a few other things i quickly put together. I used the chocolate bunny from the Dollar Tree and stood him up on some moss and filler. 

I hope this helps you with your Easter decorating. Later i will post my outdoor wreath and how i did it....i just need to create it  first. :)

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