Sunday, December 22, 2013

Vinted: The Best New Fashion App

Vinted is my new favorite App. It's is an online closet that you can sell your clothes, swap them or buy new ones! It's easy to upload photos, create a price and the shipping is prepaid. When your item sells just print off the shipping label, attach to box and drop it off at any post office. Super easy way to make a few bucks. I have tried selling things at places like Plato's Closet but they bundle the clothes and give you like 20 bucks for ALL of it. Not really worth it. But on Vinted you sell for what you think the piece is worth. 

Easy shopping and selling like ebay without the auction and etsy without the weird clothes.

Shipping is easy and fast.

When you sell on Vinted they take a 19% fee on the item. Price accordingly but they show you exactly how much you are going to get when set the price.

You don't get paid until a few days after the buyer receives the item in the mail.

Here are a few of my current pieces on Vinted:

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