Saturday, November 9, 2013

About Me

Thank you for stopping by today! It is so nice to have you here and be able to introduce myself to you.

Some simple get to know me's:

-I'm Tessa

-I am married to Colby. He is a charming, I tell ya. This man is supportive, loving and makes a great egg in the middle. Just what I need, and I am so thankful to share my life with him.

-I am a world traveler. I love to visit new places and learn new things. I lived in Chile for 18 months as i served a full time LDS mission. Learn more here:

-I am a senior at UVU studying Family Life Education

-I have loved fashion and make-up since I was little and playing dress-ups

-I am obsessed with Downton Abbey, Thai food and decorating on a budget!

I also sell Mary Kay Cosmetics
Text me for a FREE beauty consultation
I specialize in skincare/make-up tips

Tessa Edwards
Independent Mary Kay Consultant
801 550 8635
Provo, UT

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