Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY Ornaments for Practically Nothing

These days just googling an image can find you lots of fun FREE printables. Yes, free. So i figure why pay $4 dollars or more an ornament when you can make them for pennies! I have some great ideas here that can be personalized to you and not hurt the budget.

I love this idea! You can put in any photo you want and even change them year to year. Glass ornaments are super cheap and all you do is cut a photo down, roll it to fit in the top and use toothpicks or something long a skinny to unroll it when its in the ornament. Fill with salt or fake snow and add some ribbon for interest and your done. Easy, quick and super personalized. You could even put some christmas images in like vintage santas or do monograms which as so popular this year! 

Paper cut birds. Fun and original. Picture the cute scrapbook paper you could use. I used old book pages. (thanks thrift stores) and a key paper found at Michaels. The template is HERE for the birds. Just cut out, glue the wing on, use a button for the eye and hole punch for the hanger. Simple and different. 

Find a worded printable and attach to a rectangular paper. I added a bell and ribbon for more interest. Why can't you have cute saying and calligraphy on your tree? Here are some great printables i found online.

These laser cut wood frames are found a Michaels and i think they are less than a dollar each. I just inked it with my stamp pad. You could paint it or leave the natural wood. Then i attached a cute santa printable behind and added a ribbon. As you can see i love ribbon. I always find it on sale at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Here are some cute santa printables i found for free.

The last idea is to just make a cute tag and use it as an ornament. I did a post on Homemade Christmas Tags CLICK HERE to see it. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great time crafting your own Christmas ornaments!

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